About Whyttle

Thanks for visiting Whyttle.com. We created Whyttle to foster community. We provide a platform for people to connect with others who share their passions, to explore new interests and to band together to address shared concerns.

We’re a startup located in Washington, DC – the Washington with the White House, the Smithsonian museums and LivingSocial; not the one with Amazon, Starbucks and Mount Rainier!

Our Values

At Whyttle we’re guided by values that inform all our actions – from how we build and manage our site, to how we treat others:

  • Building a service around our members’ needs. The starting point for everything we do is to help Whyttlers engage around what they care most about. We’ve created Whyttle to help people build community and enrich their worlds. That will remain our central purpose.
  • Transparency and commitment to the privacy and dignity of everyone. We gather only a very limited amount of information from people who register on Whyttle. We don't track you across the web, and we work to ensure that users of Whyttle treat each other with respect. For more, see Terms / Privacy Policy.
  • Supporting those who are working for a better world. As we foster community among our members, we’re committed to working to address challenges we face as a global society. Whyttle seeks to have a positive impact in the areas of global health, the environment, and educational opportunity.

Who We Are

Whyttle’s merry band includes a small group that’s been working together from the beginning, as well as others who have helped out at different times.

Martin Levine. Martin is Whyttle’s founder and CEO. Before starting Whyttle, Martin taught political science, served a stint in government, and worked to expand access to affordable housing. When he’s not Whyttling, Martin paints, enjoys travels to far corners of the globe, and happily carries the tripod for his wife, Jo, who’s a photographer. (A number of her images appear throughout our site.)

Shar Darefshah. Shar joined Whyttle early on as our senior web developer. He studied computer science at the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus. Shar has been building web sites for more than seven years. He likes creating custom projects and sharing them with the world. In the offline world Shar loves to play soccer.

Margie Burks. Margie served as Whyttle’s initial graphic designer and has been helping with business development. Pre-Whyttle her career spanned art, education, communications and online learning. Margie is an active environmentalist and avid gardener. After family, she dotes on her book club and tennis pals.

Ben Sears. Ben has been working with Shar developing our site, particularly helping with some of the complex functionalities. Ben is finishing up a computer science degree at the University of Maryland.

While he’s no longer with Whyttle, a big thanks to Pouya Karimi who was our first web developer while he was working on his computer science degree at the University of Maryland. Pouya is a passionate soccer player and fan. Along the way we’ve also had terrific development help from Chris Gennaro – also a student at the University of Maryland. In addition to being crack coders, they have good eyes for design and for how to improve users’ experiences.