What's Whyttle

Hi. Thanks for visiting Whyttle. We created Whyttle to build community.

Our Mission

Whyttle’s mission is to enrich lives by fostering community. Our goal is to make it easy for people to engage with groups and individuals who share their passions, to explore new interests, and to come together to address shared concerns -- whether it's environmental action, or working to improve our neighborhoods.

We built Whyttle to provide a place where people with diverse backgrounds can connect around their interests and share things in a fun and respectful environment. We seek to help each of us expand our horizons.

Key Features

Whyttle provides a flexible platform that makes it easy for large groups of people with an interest in common to find each other and to share and learn together. We encourage Whyttlers to be creative in how they use what we’ve built.

To help you see what Whyttle can offer, we’ve begun to create communities around more than 60 topics. These are things that those of us who built Whyttle know and care about. But it’s only a starting point. You can join any of the communities we’ve created. Or check them out to see how a Whyttle community would work. Then start a new group around one of your interests – and invite your friends to join!

  • A wide variety of communities. You can join or create a community around any topic you choose -- from hobbies, to travel, to professional interests. Communities may be tied to a particular locality, or be global in nature.
  • Different types of content. You can share or search many different types of content -- from links to other sites, to photos, videos, Q&As on topics you choose, events and more
  • Finding and connecting with others. We are expanding the tools that Whyttle provides for users to find other people with similar -- or different -- interests, and to get in touch with each other.

Who We Are

Whyttle is a values-driven company based in Washington, DC. We’ve launched our enterprise and built our beta site with a small, diverse group of folk. And we have big plans to grow!

Look here to learn more about us.

A Wider Impact

In keeping with our mission to foster community, Whyttle seeks to support others who are working for a better world. We’re planning to work with partner organizations to have a positive impact in three areas:

  • Global Health Needs. In many parts of the world a lack of access to basic health care and to the means for disease prevention blights futures and shortens lives.
  • The Environment and Climate Change. The state of the planet we share – impacted by climate change and other major environmental challenges – will help define the future we leave our children.
  • Educational Opportunity. In a world where education is critical to life-long opportunities, the knowledge and skills that people need to unlock their talents remain beyond the reach of millions.

Soon we’ll be identifying potential partners with whom to work. We’d like to hear your ideas about how Whyttle can serve as a positive force. Please contact us with your thoughts. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated as we take steps to make Whyttle’s social commitment a reality.

What's Next

This is just the beginning.

We’re already developing new features to enhance the experience that Whyttle offers. Check out what’s coming soon, and let us know how we can make Whyttle more helpful to you.

Thanks again!