Topic: I Think This is The Year When...

Melissa /


...a #16 Seed Finally Beats a #1! All right, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself BUT with college basketball filled with such parity this year, in addition to some #1 seeds that most experts believe are worse than the #4 seeds in their bracket, this has a very real chance of happening this year. The most likely candidate? Virginia. Why? Because they're a slow-tempo, defensive team that has low-scoring games. If Coastal Carolina's Wilson, Gillis, and Cameron can get hot form the three-point line, an upset is within sight. Most statisticians would probably give the 16 seeds a 5-10% chance (a big range, I know) of beating a #1 this year. That's not a huge number, but it's bigger than most people think because of the game's increasing parity. Your thoughts?



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