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Topic: Merging two or more book groups for special events

Margie /


My book club occasionally invites a local author to speak at one of our meetings. Typically, 6-8 of us show up for our monthly discussions - a size we consider perfect under most circumstances. But some authors are used to larger crowds, so we sometimes invited a second book club to join us for the evening. In every case, these events turned out to be informative, lively, and well worth the extra effort. I'm wondering whether there are other groups that would like to combine forces for some sort of joint event for fall 2014. Is there a particular author/book that comes to mind?


Kathy Stinson and Joshua Bell, The Man with the Violin (book signing only) at Politics & Prose, Connecticut Ave NW

Margie /


Location:Washington, DC
Date:Sat, February 01st, 2014
Time:12 noon
Description:Sounds like an interesting lunch break and a fun book. It’s no urban myth: the world-famous classical violinist, Joshua Bell, really did play in a D.C. Metro station, and few passers-by noticed. But in Stinson’s recreation of the event, a little boy named Dylan notices, and he begs his mother to stop and listen. Now, everyone gets a second chance." Will Joshua Bell really be there? If so, he'll certainly be noticed this time.



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