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Topic: How to be your own home stager

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Home stagers are those mystical people who are able to make a cluttered home look clean and a crowded home look open. No, they don’t have their own magic wands, they just know how to implement design principles in interior design and organize what’s already there. For instance, Tyler Whitmore, a Washington-based home stager, recently helped a family make their home more appealing to potential home buyers by thinning out their bookshelves, removing a visually heavy entertainment center, and replacing dark, thick drapes with sheers. Expand your bedroom It sounds simple, but the results are dramatic. Whitmore said you can apply the same principles to any room in the house that feels cluttered or small. “Lots of bedrooms are small and have few windows,” she pointed out. To resolve this, she suggested “painting walls a light color and bringing in a neutral rug.” She also said, “Beds are the largest piece in the room so linens shouldn’t stand out too much.” Another strategy you can use in the bedroom is replacing chunky furniture, like massive headboards, dressers, or nightstands. If possible, choose tall, thin versions of these furnishings, remove them, or paint them a light color that blends in with the walls. Then add a visual focal point, such as artwork, which ties it all together. Open up your bathroom Bathrooms sometimes have similar problems with chunky cupboards, dark shower curtains and towels, or dull tile. Choosing updated hardware can draw the eye away from less attractive design features. Laura McCaffrey, another home stager in the Washington area, said one option homeowners have is to refinish old tile and tub surfaces, a renovation project that costs about $1,900 per bathroom. Cut your rugs to size If rugs are your style, they can add new life and color to a space, but only if they fit it correctly. Instead of buying a standard size and trying to make the room work with it, make the rug work with your room. Kelley Proxmire, a Bethesda interior designer, suggested buying a wool remnant which then can be cut to fit your room. She said she “likes to have carpet sized to fit around fireplace hearths or bay windows. This makes your room look bigger or neater.” A small rug in front of a sofa can also save your carpet from stains and spills if your kids like to eat on the couch. Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by Source:



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