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Topic: New Improv Troupe

Dan /


Looking to put together an indie improv troupe. I don't have an extensive background beyond a few local improv classes, so ideally most members would be in the same situation, but all experience levels are welcome. If interested, please respond with a quick response about your experience level, which the days of the week that you would be available to rehearse, and where you live in relation to DC (I anticipate all rehearsal venues being within DC but I'll leave that open-ended.)

Dan Harrison . 5 years 1 month ago
Shall we plan on a time to
Gary McLeod . 5 years 1 month ago
Any more news?

WIT's Harold Night

Drew /


Location:Washington, DC
Date:Tue, February 25th, 2014
Description:Don't miss WIT's Harold Night every Tuesday night at Source. Each week is a demonstration, celebration, and experiment in the world-famous improv longform, Harold. It starts with an audience suggestion and explores whatever themes emerge through a series of scenes. All of the action is brought to life by WIT's own Harold Teams right before your eyes. EVERY Harold Night ends with a free jam where audience members can give improv a try side by side with experienced players. Harold Night is PAY WHAT YOU CHOOSE. HAROLD NIGHT TUE | 9PM Source | 1835 14th St NW FREE ADMISSION Doors at 8:45PM This week: Spirit Bear and Breaker Breaker



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