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Improving Access to Early Childhood Education

Startup Right is a partnership among members of the Washington DC startup community to expand learning opportunities for young children. Whyttle has organized this initiative as part of our commitment to work with others for a better world.

As part of Startup Right, Whyttle is contributing to Martha’s Table in DC to support their early education programs. We’ve donated $1,000 so far, and we will contribute an additional $5 for each of the first 500 new accounts created on this year.

Here’s where you can help. Create an account today (it’s free) – and help us quickly reach our goal to donate $3,500 to Martha’s Table. Then invite your friends to join too!

The Need and Opportunity

It’s widely recognized that learning begins at the earliest stages of a child’s life, and early learning experiences in the home, schools and daycare settings can have a major impact on children’s school success and throughout their lives. Yet many children lack access to a strong learning foundation. For example, it has been estimated that by age three, a child from a lower-income home may have heard 30 million fewer spoken words compared with a child with higher-educated parents. Efforts to close gaps in early learning have been shown to improve school completion rates and lifetime earnings as children become adults.

How Startup Right is Helping

The DC startup community is addressing the need for early education because it fits with the ethos of startups – to start fast, learn early, and lay the foundation for a better world.

Startup Right is supporting organizations that educate children from birth through kindergarten, provide teacher training, or assist parents. We’re also working to create new tools to help education providers. Partners in Startup Right are helping by:

  • Contributing to providers of early childhood education services, beginning with our partnership with Martha’s Table. [Learn more about Martha’s Table, and how you can help at their website.]
  • Organizing easy ways for individuals to participate through fundraising and volunteering events.
  • Educating people about the need – and developing innovative ways to help expand access to quality early education.

We look forward to building on these initial efforts as Startup Right and its impact grow.

Startup Right Partners

Whyttle is proud to be joined in Startup Right by an outstanding group of Founding Partners. We thank them for their commitment and look forward to strengthening our relationships. We invite others to join us.

Get Involved

We encourage everyone to become involved in helping Startup Right transform lives by expanding access to early learning.

  • Startups and organizations that support them are invited to contact Whyttle’s founder, Martin Levine, about becoming a Startup Right partner.
  • We encourage foundations, professional associations and nonprofit organizations to work with us to mobilize support around the issue of early education.
  • We invite individuals to participate in Startup Right events. Check back here periodically to see what’s scheduled.

And of course, please join today and invite your friends. We’ll reach our goal quickly to donate a total of $3,500 to Martha’s Table – and you can start building communities on Whyttle!

Thank you, all. Together we can change the world for the better!